Year in (Re)View 2009.

JANUARY - Our year started in Japan, at a Latino dance club. We spent the first day of the year with a Japanese-American family eating delicious Japanese food.FEBRUARY - Many friends in Korea got married this year. So much celebrating. MARCH - In Korea it was easy to watch different sports. The highlight was the Women's World Curling Tournament.APRIL - So many people came to visit us in Korea! We took them to the Folk Village to watch traditional dances. MAY - Lots of travelling around Korea. In May we had a MC Canada/USA retreat on the East Coast. Because of traffic it took us 7 hours to get there, instead of the normal 3.JUNE - My birthday celebration. Eating seaweed soup made it official.JULY - We flew a lot in the past year. In July we flew to an island in the south of Korea, later in the month we flew back to Canada, in August we flew to Georgia, in October to Pennsylvania, and in December we came back to Winnipeg.AUGUST - A family wedding on the farm.SEPTEMBER - We traveled down to the southern states to volunteer for a couple months. A local entertainment option was the Gospel Tabernacle.

OCTOBER – We went to Pennsylvania for our MCC orientation. On the weekend we travelled to New York for the day. It rained.
NOVEMBER – We celebrated American Thanksgiving with almost 300 people from around the world.
DECEMBER – Christmas preparations at Jubilee Partners before heading up north to celebrate with our families.

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