Your Hands Are Now Safe

The picture that inspired the poem.

As i reflected on our sessions at orientation, which covered everything from healthcare coverage to philosophies of development and aid, the last frame of a hand washing public service poster caught my eye. I decided to use it as a springboard/title of this poem.

Your Hands Are Now Safe

A lofty proclamation

Some sort of certification

Am i now free – like Pilate – of any fault that may splash back?

Is this my get-out-of-a-hellhole-free card?

(An airlift is just a phone call away)

The repercussions of this statement seems too much to understand

Too violent to bear

My hands are not safe.

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One comment on “Your Hands Are Now Safe

  1. deb says:

    Blessings as you head to Africa! I just got caught up on Kaitlyn and Luke’s adventures through their blog and can’t wait to see what trouble you two will get into once you get there!
    Bon Voyage,
    (Coffee’s Grandaughter)

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