Unanswered questions

If you take a look at the right-hand column of the screen you may notice that “Where to find us” puts us very close to East Africa these days. In fact, in less than two weeks we will be landed in Nairobi enjoying the sweet effects of jet-leg and wondering how it is possible to jump seasonal zones in such short time. In Nairobi we will meet and greet for a few days and then on the 29th we will be flying to Juba, Sudan.

In the past few weeks we have been doing a lot of talking to friends and family about where we are going and what we are doing. We have realized we don’t know a lot of the answers people are asking for. And we are ok with this. But we know that as time passes and as we continue along our steep learning curve we will learn some answers and we will be able to pass these on to you. So please don’t be afraid to ask! Ask away.

In the meantime, we are experiencing our last winter for 3 years.


2 comments on “Unanswered questions

  1. Joy Jarrett says:

    Good to know that you’re no different than the rest of us as far as knowing what will happen in our lives 2 weeks from now!! Perhaps we should treat our next few weeks as an adventure as well….Joy

  2. brianmouland says:

    Hi guys remember you from the days at Zion – Brian Mouland and Doreen Beisel,Swift Current

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