Stuffing Envelopes, or, Stuff In Envelopes

L to R, T to B: packaged snacks; books; cash money; spices; dogs; coffee mugs; fruits; CDs; card games; photographs; coffee; DVDs

So, we’re into the last week before we’re off to Sudan. In fact, it’s four days almost to the hour. In light of that, coupled with the specialness of receiving a package in the mail, we’ve decided to post a test for all y’all who are planning on sending us care packages. To the right is a collage of possible care package contents. Can you tell us which ones you think are okay to send and which ones are not?

(Click on the collage for a closer look)


3 comments on “Stuffing Envelopes, or, Stuff In Envelopes

  1. Crystal says:

    This is the funniest! Mullet in a bag would be the most unsuccessful care package of all time!

  2. […] Update – Stuffing in Envelopes Answers Revealed 2010 January 25 by heather What kind of care packages are OK to send to Sudan? […]

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