Update – Stuffing in Envelopes Answers Revealed

What kind of care packages are OK to send to Sudan?

Packaged Snacks = OK
Books = OK
Cash Money = not okay -> to donate money for our personal use send a cheque to MCC with “Heather Peters/Joel Kroeker – PDA” in the memo line. Go to the support section to find MCC’s address
Spices = OK
Dogs = not okay not okay, no exceptions
Coffee Mugs = probably breakable things are not okay
Fruit = not okay, we will have fruit in Sudan
CDs = OK
Games = OK
Photographs = OK
Coffee = OK

Other helpful reminders for sending us mail (because mail is fun):
– sending padded envelopes are more reliable than boxes and we don’t have to pay custom fees on envelopes.
– on the custom declaration form write that the worth of the contents is a low amount (then it is less enticing for others to open)
– on the customs declaration be vague about what you are sending (for example say “snacks” or “beverage” or “gift”)
– remember it will take awhile – there is no postal service in Sudan so our mail will go to Kenya and then will find its way to us after that. We are told it is still fairly reliable.

Thank in advance for the care packages!


One comment on “Update – Stuffing in Envelopes Answers Revealed

  1. kristina says:

    even better than low amounts on customs forms are “no commercial value” (i.e. $0.00). and make stuff look used: take it out of original packaging, write an inscription in a book, cut price tags off. even though they sometimes take months to arrive, care packages rock. i hope you get many!

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