Cultural Tidbit #6 – Laws & Legends

6a – Cattle Fines

Murder = 31 cattle
Pregnancy before marriage with no intention to marry = 1 cow
“Elopement” (getting pregnant to rush the marriage process = 11 cattle
In a fight: 1 tooth knocked out = 1 cow
2 teeth knocked out = 2 cattle
1 eye damaged = 5 cattle
1 broken arm = 2 cattle
Adultery = 7 cattle
A mistake made by a new wife, i.e. finding a fly in the food (remember – food is sacred) = 1 cow from her family

6b – Cats and Chickens

This is a story of how chickens & cats came to live in enmity.

One day a cat went looking for food for its kittens. The cat passed a chicken which was standing on one leg.

“Why do you only have one leg?” the cat inquired.

“I cut my other leg off and cooked it to feed my chicks,” the chicken replied.

The cat, who was apparently not very bright, thought this was a good idea, went home and did just that.

The next time the cat saw the chicken, it was walking on both legs.

“You told me you cut off your other leg to feed to your chicks! You tricked me!” the cat said angrily.
The chicken just laughed and went away.

When the cat returned to its kittens she said, “Whenever you see chicks – EAT THEM!”

The moral of the story: If you cheat someone it will come back to you.

P.S. For the Origin of Fire plus the true story of how we were attacked by “African Killer Bees” go visit Luke and Kaitlyn’s blog:


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