Just an Average Day in Translating

Our Dinka course is going along. With each day we get more grammatical information and exceptions to the rules and different dialect options, it is making our heads spin. The other day we were asked to translate the following sentences – which I thought gave an interesting insight into the culture here:

What happened in his house?
The children are crying; also the ladies loudly. The dog is also barking.
Maybe the hyena came and ate the goats and sheep.
The lion eats Maker’s (a common name) cows daily. It is because no one looks after them in the forest. Maker wants to sell all of his cows. He does not want the lion to finish them all.
Maker has about 20 children. They are all lazy and don’t work.
This year their father has not cultivated. Next year they will be hungry. Milk and meat only cannot help them.


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