Still frame/ Still life – November

During the beginning of November airport officials in Rumbek were clearing the long grass when they came upon a lion and cub. While this report has not been confirmed it is interesting to think about the fact that Joel and I have been to numerous game parks but never seen a lion. And now, one might be living in our backyard…

Here is what happened on November 1, 2010.

Our day started early early at 5:37am. We woke up in Nairobi but were scheduled to fly back to Rumbek. The plane was to leave at 8am so we had to check-in at the airport at 6:30.

We had time at the airport so ate some pastries for breakfast. We also ran into some other Rumbek friends.

The weather was cloudy so our plane was delayed about an hour. We took the time to discuss weddings in Pakistan, weather in the Netherlands, spices in our samosas, how to put all your heaviest things in your carry-ons, and the upcoming referendum.

Normally, the plane to Rumbek is a small one; one that you can feel all the wind gusts and turbulence deep in your stomach. But this time we got a normal size plane and the trip was much more pleasant. Still, Kaitlyn didn’t want to take any chances and took some Gravol. Actually, so did I.

Our flight from Nairobi to Rumbek stops for a refueling in Lokichoggio – top right corner – which is near the border of Sudan.

Three and a half hours after leaving Nairobi we landed in Rumbek. We were greeted with hotness. Not sexy hotness; sticky, stinky, sweaty hotness.

We were amazed at our hibiscus plants which had doubled in our absence.

Unfortunately, during our time in Nairobi we had learned that due to a policy change on our compound we would no longer be able to live there. Coming “home” was sad because we knew that it wouldn’t be our home for much longer. We knew that we would need to say goodbye to our garden and neighbours and that we would need to find a new place to live. It was a difficult day. So, in the evening we got together with friends for pizza and rejoiced in friendship.

And in frogs.


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