Still frame/Still life – December

DECEMBER 1, 2010

I’m not going to lie. I forgot about my photojournaling for part of the day. But, to be honest, our days right now are not very exciting.

November 1 found us leaving Nairobi to travel back to Rumbek. December 1 finds us back in Nairobi, earlier than expected due to a cracked tibia (see previous post). We came back to Nairobi on November 19th and have since set up shop in the Mennonite Guesthouse.

So I have my leg in a full-leg brace and propped up. I hang out in the guesthouse library where there are books, internet, people, joel, and a tv to keep me entertained. There is also a bathroom nearby which is mostly the best reason for camping out in the library. Joel is around to help me when I fall over, or to run errands, and do other useful things.

Meanwhile outside it is beautiful. There is also construction work which makes maneuvering around even more challenging.

In the afternoon Joel and I made nametags for our regional MCC retreat next week. I also spent some time envying the goats on my crutches who could so easily walk up stairs. Oh goats, you even make it look fun. The hard-drive on our computer died so Joel had to spend lots of time downloading and installing programs onto the new hard-drive. I am pretty sure you can only do something like that while playing computer games. Right, goats?

And so, that is what most of my days look like now. I sit. I read. I sit. I chat. I sit. I watch sharks on Nat Geo. I sit. I tell people I am not bored (I’m really not, but no one believes me). I sit. I dream of goats.


3 comments on “Still frame/Still life – December

  1. Rob Haarsager says:

    Hi Heather and Joel,
    I have been following your blog for a few weeks now – so sorry to hear about your broken leg and the loss of your tukul at Pan Dor. My wife Mary and I used to be Sudan CR’s before Joan and Leroy, and we know Pan Dor quite well, as well as your temporary home at the Mennonite Guest House (we lived in the big house on the MGH compound for a couple of years in the 90’s). Anyway, just thought I’d let you know that we’re praying for you (and the referendum process) at Emmanuel Mennonite Church in Minneapolis. We’re grateful that you’ve accepted the challenge to work for peace in Lakes State, and will be with you in prayer along the way.

    Rob Haarsager

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