Get your Sudan on.

With the referendum of Sudan only a few short days away we are waiting expectantly to see what will happen. From what we hear there still isn’t a lot of news about this overseas. It is a significant event and will forever change Sudan (and most likely Africa).

Here are some quick facts about what is going on (which may or may not be entirely true):

  • almost 4 million southerns have registered to vote
  • most of the voting will happen in southern Sudan but there are some voting stations in 8 other countries, including the US and Canada
  • 60% of the people who registered need to vote for the results to be recognized
  • the voting will start on January 9 and last 1 week
  • we have no idea when the results will be announced
  • most people believe that southerns will vote for separation
  • if this happens there will be a 6 month transition period
  • while earlier analysts predicted violence, recent reports have been much more hopeful for a peaceful voting time and transition of power

But who am I to tell you these things? Here are some links to good articles that will give you more information if you want to know more about this historic event.

For those of you who will be worshipping on Sunday remember Sudan in your prayers. There are more prayer resources here as well.


One comment on “Get your Sudan on.

  1. […] tribal killings were ravaging the area last year, the upcoming election & referendum ( was going to bring everyone together, solving this problem. Now, tribally-driven revenge killings […]

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