Family Visits

During Holy Week we brought my sister to Rumbek! We met together in Nairobi and then the next day boarded a small plane to Sudan. As you may or may not know, Rumbek is not a tourist hub. So, after bringing her to the blacksmiths and the tobacco market we had pretty much exhausted the “it” places in town. We were able to introduce Amy to one of the chimps from the chimp rescue program in Rumbek but that was about that. So we also took her to the Southern National Park of Sudan, which we didn’t know existed until we arrived and the priest pointed it out to us in the travel book (we were actually there showing Amy a parish we work with). At the “National Park” we saw some monkeys, interesting birds, a dik-dik, cattle, and then we ate delicious Korean food.

Of course, the most important part of having Amy visit was that she could see where we live, where we call home. We could introduce her to the people we work with and to our friends. Now she will understand, a little more, when we tell stories of Sudan. Sometimes knowing that someone else knows is the most important thing.

Thanks for visiting Amy!

Below are pictures of our week together and there will be more to come!


One comment on “Family Visits

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