Stocking Up

In Rumbek’s market, a hodge-podge of small shops that pretty much all contain the same kinds of products, we can find more than enough food to survive. There is almost always tomatoes, onions, potatoes, rice, pasta, lentils and beans. There is usually at least one kind of fruit – oranges, bananas, or pineapples. During harvest times the variety of produce increases – peppers, okra, guavas, and mangoes. And, at the end of the dry season there is noticeably less.

But sometimes we get tired of the lack of variety in our local food choices. So when we have the chance to be in Nairobi or Juba we do our best to stock up. To buy things that will keep us interested in our food.

Below is a picture taken after a “stocking-up” shopping trip in Nairobi (plus a few goodies that came in a care package).

And now it’s time for you to play – What kind of “stocking up” purchases would you make?


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