Still frame/Still life – July 1 Happy Canada Day

On Thursday, June 30 we moved out of our place at Palica and to Luke and Kaitlyn’s extra bedroom. A few weeks ago we got the go ahead to have our very own tukul (one room house) built on the Across compound (which is the same compound as Luke and Kaitlyn). After being shuffled around here and there for the past 18 months (Thursday was our 6th move in Sudan) we are very much looking forward to a place to call home. We have moved into Luke and Kaitlyn’s spare room because we are going to be gone for most of July and we hope that the tukul will be (almost) finished when we return. It is also a good way to save some rent for some awesome solar panels.

Therefore, Friday, July 1 found us breakfasting with Luke and Kaitlyn. In the office I replied to emails and did some printing for the new Peace Club that has started meeting at the local Catholic primary school.

For lunch Kaitlyn and I went to the falafel restaurant where people wash their hands with water from oil drums. We got our falafel sandwiches ($1.10 for 4 sandwiches) to go and quickly ate them before heading to the women’s center to pick up some people for a seminar we were doing in the afternoon.

At Holy Cross Women’s group Kaitlyn and I had our 3rd, and final seminar, with the group. The seminars focused on trauma healing and tai chi. We taught different ways to relieve stress and pain. After the seminar we went to the pool where we met my Peace Education students from the Girl’s Secondary School. As part of the peace class we have weekly swimming times together. It is a way for the students to strengthen their friendships outside of school, learn a new skill, and decompress at the end of the week. It is good for me too.

To celebrate our move to Across Joel pulled out some of our delicious treats we had brought back to Rumbek with us for a fabulous supper of tofu, coconut milk, and Thai goodness. We watched a movie in the evening under the backporch mosquito net.

It was a good day.


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