A Lake Victoria Vacation

We just returned from a week of travelling around Lake Victoria (Africa’s largest lake by area, and it is the largest tropical lake in the world, according to Wikipedia) in Kenya and Tanzania. Our main purpose was to visit friends from Rumbek who have recently moved to Kenya and to revisit my old MCC SALT placement from 10 years ago.

Memorable experiences include:

· Our matatu driver being arrested

· Having people remember us (“Ahh, it is Heather Peters”) after 10 years and very little communication

· Italian coffee

· Spotting a purple broad-billed roller for the first time

· Catching a ride with a group of Dutch tourists in their tour bus

· Making the realization that we may soon decide to forgo public transportation when travelling in East Africa (the Dutch tour bus showed us another, not as painful or stressful, alternative)

· A white sand beach

· Eating our meals on a white sand beach

Above are a few of our favourite pictures from the week. There will be more to come shortly.


One comment on “A Lake Victoria Vacation

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