Still frame / Still Life – September 1, 2011

As I suggested last month September 1 found us living in our 6th (previous abodes = 2 grass-roofed huts, one self-contained room, a hotel tent/our office, and our fellow MCCers spare bedroom) and hopefully final place in South Sudan. However, we are still settling in and making it our own so I full picture tour will come later. Now, let’s see what we did on Thursday, September 1.

The morning began with Joel making breakfast in our outdoor kitchen. We watched as an aurora finch made a nest in the palm tree while we had our coffee. How perfect of a morning is that? With no running water in our new place we are learning new, creative ways to use this resource.

Joel went to a Rule of Law meeting in the morning and I did some errands. First, I went to exchange dollars into South Sudan Pounds (this new money has been in circulation since July but on September 1 the old Sudan pound is officially out of commission). The South Sudan Pound is pretty with lots of different colours. The microfinance place is my choice for exchanging money because you: 1. get a better rate than the bank; 2. don’t have to deal with the chaos of the bank; 3. don’t have to worry about getting really ripped off on the black market. Then I noticed that our car was really dirty. I tried to take it to the car wash but there was a line up and I was told to come back in a couple of hours. So I went to the office, paid Lucia, our office cleaner, and worked on preparing for a women’s workshop I will be helping to facilitate. Our office area has recently been landscaped with pop can and wine bottles. It’s fun.

At lunch I picked up Kaitlyn from her office, Joel from his meeting, and we dropped the car off at Oasis Car Wash. Joel showed us how he felt during the meeting. We went to Afex for lunch where we were given an impromptu tour of the kitchen. We saw the ovens where they have started making whole wheat bread (!) and we saw Isaac making our sandwiches.

Returning from lunch the car was still getting cleaned. Inside and out. The most thorough cleaning in town. So we sat down with some magazines and waited….

Later we returned home and struggled to get connected to the internet, a daily chore. It didn’t work in the spare room/office/our previous dwelling place so Joel tried under the mango tree. Luke discovered some of their eggs were rotten so I rushed over to our kitchen to check ours. They smelled ok. Joel and I had an early evening watching The Wire.

That was the end.


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