STOP! Hammock Time.*

Last year my parents sent us a wonderful hammock. Then it got stolen or accidentally thrown out by the people that cleaned our room. (There’s really just no way of knowing.) Mama Lee & Papa Mike were kind & generous enough to by us another one, which has yet to be stolen/be accidentally thrown out.**

We try to enjoy Hammock II often, but sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in surfing the internet, (re)organizing the iTunes library, & tagging people’s faces in iPhoto & forget that Hammock II is out there, waiting. I’m sure my friends sans hammocks are aghast that i could ignore Hammock II in favour of digital diversions, but i digress. It happens, people. Deal with it.

Anyway, as part of my ever-evolving “self betterment plan”*** i agreed to take Heather’s suggestion of spending quality time with Hammock II daily.

Day One:

So far so good. I was hoping to see a Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu doing a dance on a neem tree branch.

I’ll back up: the other day, Heather, whilst spending time with Hammock II, saw a cute little Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu (yes, it’s a bird) singing and doing a dance in the neem tree above her head. She’s been doing the most adorable impression of it ever since, & i was looking forward to seeing it for myself. I saw/heard many birds: weavers, bulbuls, plantain eaters, & even some doves/pigeons. I was trying to focus on the book i was reading during Hammock Time, but also trying to watch out for Cordon-bleus. (I’m certain i heard one at one point, but it was too high in the tree for me to see whether it was dancing or not.)

Then i saw it: a tiny white flower resting in one of Hammock II’s folds. It was a beautiful secret flower, just for me. I didn’t even get a picture of it, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

I didn’t see a dancing Cordon-bleu, but it was okay. I had my secret hammock flower.

I’ve referred to this as “Day One” of Hammock Time, which hopefully means that i’ll continue for at least a few more days of this phase of self-betterment. I think we all know it’s not super likely that i’ll be posting daily reflections gleaned from Hammock Time. But. I will do my best to journal about Hammock Time & perhaps i’ll post a few highlights along the way.

– – – – – – – – – –

*HT props go out to Ms. Kaitlyn Murray Jantzi for the awesome title of this post.

**Saddest of all is that we never even got the chance to set up the first one before it went missing.

**One of my favourite quotes is by a very talented banjo player who goes by the name Old Man Ludecke. He said, ”My addiction, such as it is, isn’t so much to improving myself, it’s to beginning these projects. I have a real fondness for getting all the things that i’m gonna be a better person with laid out in front of me. I could taste each one & savour the sweetness of the me that’s to be, but i never get very far.” I think that summarizes my journey fairly accurately as well.


4 comments on “STOP! Hammock Time.*

  1. kaitlyn says:

    hey. great title. where’d you get that idea? (to be said in a displeased monotone voice)

    *insert sounds of increasing displeasure here*

    • kaitlyn says:

      oh and p.s. I love the secret hammock flower. like times sixty-four.

    • joel says:

      Your passive-aggression has been noted, without thanks. Though – benefit of the doubt – i suppose you’re just trying to live out the spirit of passive-aggression that has been a touchstone of the Mennonite tradition for centuries. (I believe my tongue is firmly inserted in my cheek right now.)

  2. […] by one of my favorite poems, i thank You God by E. E. Cummings,* the blogs of my friends Thera and Joel, as well as five years of French class, i’ve decided the time had come for me to blog in the way […]

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