I Bless The Rains Down In Aaa-frica

I was reminded by Kaitlyn Murray Jantzi that i had promised (on the facebook) a post on water, so here goes. (More accurately, however, this post is about rain.)

And, if i’m completely honest, i really wanted to write this post so i could give it that title & put that song in everyone’s head for eternity. You’re welcome.

I used to say about rain that i enjoyed it as long as i didn’t have to be outside during it. I still don’t especially enjoy walking places in the rain, but i now have a compulsion that drives me out into the deluge.

Our two meter length of eavestrough.

Heather & i collect our own water in our new house. When it’s not raining, we carry buckets from the water pump on the compound to our place. When it rains, we scamper frenetically as the clouds pour forth their offering, placing our many vessels under the three eaves that adorn our houses—two on Luke & Kaitlyn’s place and one on our place.

Rainwater catchment has really become something of a fixation for me. One night it started raining around 11:30. I happened to still be awake—though i was almost asleep—so i had to get up and place all our buckets under the eaves. I tried to ignore this perceived urgent need, but i couldn’t. For my own peace of mind i had to get up.

Collecting our own water—either via pump or clouds—has given me many occasions to reflect on water—usage, cleanliness, and other various and sundry topics. (For some very interesting infographics, go here.) How much water do i use? How much water do i need to use? Does sitting in the hammock as the rainclouds gather really tempt the storm to actually come? Is Toto still touring and can they make a stop in Rumbek?

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

Collecting rainwater straight into the clothes-washing bucket is a big time saver!

When you just need a cool refreshing beverage...

Poetry in motion. (& by poetry, i mean me.)


One comment on “I Bless The Rains Down In Aaa-frica

  1. kaitlyn says:

    this I like.
    you calling me murray… less so.
    Toto in my head…very much. so overall a thumbs up I suppose.

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