Peters Parents meet Kenya

My parents have come to Africa! This is their first time on the continent and we wanted to show them a good time. And we wanted to go to some places we haven’t seen yet either. So we all planned a perfectly well-rounded (and kind-of typical touristy) vacation. With a strong hint of eco-tourism (to make up for all of our flying).

Our week together in Kenya was comprised of two components. One part beach and ocean. Second part savannah and animals. Two beautiful areas of Kenya.

On the coast of Kenya we stayed in Watamu at a research center/Christian community/guesthouse. We joined the regulars for meals between our swims on the oceans and tours of the environmental projects in the area. We also went to some ruins for our history fill. We spent 4 days by the ocean and came back with sun burns, salt on our skin, and sand in our clothes.

Next we travelled south-west to the Maasai Mara. We stayed in a conservancy next to the national park that was initiated and managed by local people. We stayed in a lovely and luxurious camp. We ate lots of delicious food. Then we saw lots of animals, went on walks, did some birding, and went to visit a cultural village. Our guides to the area were so kind and made our time there so enjoyable. The lesson that Joel and I learned on this holiday is that it seems to make a difference if you spend money on the “hospitality services”. This is in contrast to how we usually travel, which generally an adventure but not always a holiday.

Next we will bring my parents to South Sudan for their very untouristy time in Africa. More to come. More to come.


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