Year in (Re)View 2011

It has become a tradition!

See … 2009, 2010. There, you have seen. (Oh, actually after posting this I realized that the 2009 post was all messed up. Sorry)

So now I present ~~ 2011 Year in (Re)View ~~

JANUARY – A few weeks after the Sudanese referendum was held we went, along with the rest of Rumbek, to Freedom Square. Here we waited for the announcement of the referendum results that everyone already knew. Unfortunately, there was a delay. Instead we listened to this guy telling us to go home and come back in the evening. We went home but, unfortunately, couldn’t return in the evening.

FEBRUARY – We stayed in Rumbek for February, attending the annual diocesan assembly. We continued to find ways to entertain ourselves with supper clubs, birthday celebrations, and games nights.

MARCH – We went to many parishes in March. We led seminars, workshops, and did radio interviews. We met with youth, women’s groups, and priests.

At the end of the month I left for the Africa Peacebuilding Institute in Zambia while Joel continued the parish visits himself.

APRIL – Amy came to visit us over Easter. It was great to show her around Rumbek and then take her out to one of the parishes we work with.

MAY – We travelled to Juba to attend some workshops and MCC meetings.

JUNE – The fuel crisis in Rumbek affected us in June when we had to buy a barrel of diesel in a back-yard deal for an exorbitant amount of money.

JULY – The MCC Rumbek team went to Juba to meet the MCC Juba and MCC Uganda teams to celebrate the birth of a new country – South Sudan. This was definitely a highlight of the year. After the celebrations Joel and I took a week of vacation in Tanzania to visit my old MCC placement.

AUGUST – In August we were back on the very bumpy, muddy roads making parish visits. When we returned to Rumbek we found that our house had finally been completed and happily moved in.

SEPTEMBER – We spent time settling in to our new place in September, and recuperating from our travels the previous month. We worked from our office in Rumbek because most of the roads had been washed out. We planted and decorated and spent good time with friends.

OCTOBER – We had been looking forward to October for months. First we went to Juba for some meeting and then travelled to Nairobi where we met my parents and took a fabulous vacation with them.

NOVEMBER – We brought my parents to Rumbek with us in November. Joel installed a solar system for our house and also hooked up the new solar fridge that had arrived from Nairobi. Preparing for and helping to facilitate the two week Women’s Peacebuilding and Trauma Healing Workshop took up most the rest of November.

DECEMBER – We celebrated advent in Rumbek before coming to Nairobi the week before Christmas. In Nairobi we have been catching up on appointments, visiting friends, enjoying cool weather, and dreaming about next year.

For more pictures about our life and work in South Sudan go to our Picasa album Still Sudan 2011

And a big thank you to Luke and Kaitlyn for their blog (to help me remember everything that happened this year) and for being swell people to share our life with in Rumbek.


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