Over a year ago we got an email from Hanley Mennonite Church saying that they would like to do something nice for us. Well, how can you turn that down? They said they would like to make us a quilt and while I wasn’t sure that a quilt was something we needed in South Sudan, I supposed we would be able to find many good uses for it. And, as I said, who were we to turn down a lovely and thoughtful gift?

When my parents came to visit us a few months ago they brought along the hand-made quilt. It is full of squares that were created by the different church members, just for us. It is just lovely.

But it came with another gift as well. When my parents brought the quilt they also brought unseasonably cool nights. We did need the quilt.

So many blessings came with this present and for this we are most thankful.

Thank you Hanley Mennos!


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