MCC Sudan Retreat in Ethiopia

We were extremely lucky to be able to have our MCC Sudan retreat in Ethiopia this year.

Working in Sudan and South Sudan is physically and mentally challenging (as can be seen by our medical budget). So getting away from our work places into a completely new and interesting location was just what we needed.

MCC Sudan met in Addis with the great help of MCC Ethiopia (specifically Dan and Karin and Ada who helped us plan and then came along with us as translators). We travelled 2-hours south-west of the capital and stayed at Negash Lodge. One day we went to a crater and rode horses. That was fun.

Other highlights included: games of pool and carcassonne, fancy cheap meals, walks in the woods, traditional-looking rooms, pools, dancing, a museum, and visiting a MCC Ethiopia project.

Non-highlights included: missing Jennifer and food poisoning.

A final last highlight: fruit fruit fruit.


2 comments on “MCC Sudan Retreat in Ethiopia

  1. cory says:

    missing food poisoning or getting food poisoning?

    thx for the photos/update!

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