Drought-resistant Plants

NOTE: I’m currently in Nairobi, undergoing a psychiatric assessment & counselling sessions, after which it will be clearer what path back to Canada we will be taking. I wrote the following journal entry shortly before leaving Rumbek.

There’s a lot to be learned from the natural world. Most of the plants here on our compound have evolved over time to become drought-resistant. There are almost six months of extremely dry conditions—akin to the harsh conditions of a prairie winter—but when the rains come, everything blooms into being.

We have a small garden which we water with the grey water from dishes, laundry, & showers. When we were gone for Christmas & some holiday time the whole thing shrivelled—flowers, aloe veras, lemon grass; we returned to a brown wasteland. After a few days of grey-watering the aloes gained their colour back. After a few weeks, the lemon grass was looking more spry. Now, at almost one month, flowers are appearing again in our tiny garden.

(NOTE: I took a photo of the new flowers, but haven’t uploaded them to this computer yet. Said photo will appear here someday.)


When plants get what they need, it’s amazing how quickly they begin to thrive again. My hope is that by getting the help i need, i too can begin to thrive again.


3 comments on “Drought-resistant Plants

  1. Crystal says:

    We’re praying the same thing Joel. Take care and take in as many nutrients as Nairobi can give you!

  2. Amy says:

    Weren’t you the one who said you didn’t know it was Lent already? Sounds like you’re experiencing the wilderness embodied in this season. Prayers for you…

  3. […] our MCC post in Rumbek, South Sudan at the end of March 2012. (For a bit of an explanation, go here.) Our flight to Nairobi, Kenya was scheduled for Friday, March 30. We left on Wednesday, March 28. […]

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