Still frame / Still life – March 1

March 1 is my friend Marlis’ birthday. She is great. She is also a photographer, lives in Vancouver, and has a website.

Happy Birthday Marlis!

Thursday, March 1 in Rumbek is our last still frame/still life in South Sudan. By April 1 we should be all packed up and in Nairobi. I started still frame/still life posts because I don’t journal but I see the value of reflection. I thought that by photographing daily life, once a month, I would be able to see how our life had changed, how it had stayed the same, and maybe even some lessons we had learned. I am going to do a cop-out now and say those self-reflection blogs will come in the near future. But perhaps they won’t and we will all just have to figure out these lessons for ourselves.

Ah. One lesson I know we have all learned is that being productive in South Sudan is much easier in the mornings, when it is still coolish, than it is in the afternoons, when the heat of the day just makes you want to play angry birds, nap, watch t.v. and sometimes, read. March 1 was no exception.

Our mornings in Rumbek are fairly standard, as you may have already realized. We listen to podcasts (since our short-wave radio’s batteries died and the batteries in the market aren’t very good), hand-grind coffee beans, refill our kerosene stove (easier said than done), make a breakfast for champions (banana-nut-flax-oatmeal), feed the cat (recently adopted from luke and kaitlyn, and very strange as he only likes to drink milk and eat bread and peanut butter), and gawk at hand-sized creatures on our window.

The rest of the morning was filled with teaching and meetings. I taught a peacebuilding class at Loreto which focused on cultural differences (similar to this one I taught last year) where we learned greetings from different places. Then I met with a sister who works in the liturgical department of the church and another sister who works with a women’s group. I started to distribute the t-shirts that had finally arrived for our November workshop. Joel designed the logo.

It has been crazy dusty here lately. So dusty that the solar oven doesn’t want to get hot, flights are cancelled, our eyes are constantly watering, and now I have a cold.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful except for some angry bird achievements and getting some cashew fruit from our neighbor. Those are cashew nuts on the top of each fruit!

I don’t think this will be the end of still frame/still life.

ONE MORE LESSON: I have learned that, for me, it is a good space to take the time to see the uniqueness of our everyday activities, no matter where we are.


4 comments on “Still frame / Still life – March 1

  1. kaitlyn says:

    cashew fruits?!?! SudAWESOME!

  2. Marlis Funk says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    I will miss your Still Life posts but look forward to other future postings. :)

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