Still Frame / Still Life – April 1, 2012 // or // On Taking Time

As promised April 1 found us in Nairobi. And, if you follow this blog, getting here was not without adventures. And so we left South Sudan in a flurry to come to Nairobi where we could relax and sleep and have indoor plumbing. Glorious.

On Sunday, April 1 we spent the day in the company of good friends. We attended the monthly hymn sing at the Mennonite Guesthouse which inspired Joel to serenade us with his banjo for the rest of the morning. Then Joel experimented with some home remedies for speeding up the process of kidney stone elimination – lemons and olive oil. A nice day.

Now, a week later we are still in Nairobi. For us this was intentional timing. We did not choose to stay in Nairobi for a week so we could go on one last safari or other African touristy things. We wanted to give ourselves time to transition. We felt we needed a space to just be after leaving South Sudan and before entering a North American life where we have few concrete plans and therefore will soon need to be in decision making mode.

We are taking time to try not to worry about the future.

We are taking time to say goodbye to our lives here.

We are taking time to photograph flowers.

This afternoon we repack again (we have some crazy weight limitations on one of our flights so we need to do some creative packing). Tonight we leave.

And in one month? On May 1 we will be flying into Winnipeg to be greeted by friends and family we haven’t seen for almost 2 ½ years. And it will be wonderful.


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