Still Frame / Still Life – May 1, 2012

May 1 snuck up on us. We had been spending time in Ontario counting down the days until we flew to Winnipeg. May 1 was the day we flew. It was the day we arrived back to the prairies with all of our luggage, which carried most of our worldly possessions.

Before jumping on the plane we spent the morning with a breakfast and walk in High Park in Toronto. We met with some young activist trying to keep their zoo open by selling art. Of course we bought some! Then we packed up our stuff, one last time (that is the 5th time since leaving South Sudan for those of you counting), and waited for the taxi.

Our final flight was the most enjoyable with WestJest humour and our own entertainment screens (we had been flying on old-school planes previously where there was either no entertainment or shared. Really.). Then we entered the loving, chaotic embrace of most of the Kroeker-clan (our sister-in-law had gone into labour while we arrived at the airport in Toronto so they were a bit preoccupied).

Finally an evening reunion with some old moccasin friends ended a long but lovely day.


One comment on “Still Frame / Still Life – May 1, 2012

  1. Joy says:

    Welcome back!

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