Re-entry Plan – Part 2 – Ontario

After Re-entry Plan – Part 1 we arrived in Toronto. I’ve never been very good at jet-lag and this time was no exception – early mornings meant early evenings. But we had planned to take it easy and only visit a few friends so there was lots of time to relax and drink coffee. The main purpose of our stop in Ontario was to go to the Missionary Health Institute. Here we had mental and physical check-ups.

We enjoyed the cool weather but rejoiced when the sun came out.

Then we went to Kitchener to visit our dear Rumbek friends Luke and Kaitlyn. They arrived in Rumbek a few months before us and were able to help us adjust to Sudanese life. Now they have arrived in Canada a few months before us and we wanted to get their advice about adjusting to Canadian life. But mostly we ate delicious food, including maple syrup.


One comment on “Re-entry Plan – Part 2 – Ontario

  1. […] We used to live in Winnipeg and Joel grew up in Steinbach. So, with family and friends there we couldn’t re-enter Canadian life without a long stop-over in Manitoba. This was part 3 of a 4 part re-entry plan. (See part 1 and part 2) […]

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