Re-entry Plan – Part 3 – Manitoba

We used to live in Winnipeg and Joel grew up in Steinbach. So, with family and friends there we couldn’t re-enter Canadian life without a long stop-over in Manitoba. This was part 3 of a 4 part re-entry plan. (See part 1 and part 2)

At this point in our re-entry we started to move beyond the honeymoon stage where everything was delicious and wonderful, to the time where life can feel a bit overwhelming, Canadian norms seem strange, and when you wonder if you will ever feel warm again. We coped by gazing out onto the fabulously flat land and eating farmer sausage and vereniki.

Go here for a recipe if you need food coping medication that is sure to be delicious too.

The best part of moving back to Canada: Being able to welcome a new nephew to the family! We now have 4 nephews and nieces but this is the first one who waited until we were in the country to be born. Thanks Rusty.


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