What we do on Sunday afternoons now…

In South Sudan on Sundays we would relax the afternoon away at Safari Style with good friends and good food and a pool. These days our Sundays look quite different – but are no less enjoyable.

With all the siblings around last weekend and with the impending frost we brought in boxes and boxes of tomatoes. Thanks everyone!

Since then we’ve been doing a lot of canning.

And don’t forget about our goats!


2 comments on “What we do on Sunday afternoons now…

  1. Ben says:

    hey guys, our days look a lot like yours… minus the goats.

  2. Brenda says:

    Hi Heather: Your new life sounds amazing and such a change from South Sudan in so many ways. I just saw your comment to my blog post and it was wonderfully comforting. We are so easily overwhelmed by anything and can easily wonder if something’s wrong with us! We did not know about the re-entry retreat in January and so I’ll email MCC to get the scoop. So maybe we’ll see you there, or maybe they divide them up between Canada and USA? Take care and if you ever want to share more about the ups and downs of re-entry and transition feel free to write us at hartmansoude@gmail.com. Brenda

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