Re-entry retreat in California – an album

As a storm blows into Saskatchewan tonight, it seems appropriate timing to reflect on our trip to California last month. For ten days we ate fresh oranges, walked the steep hills of San Francisco, strained our necks to see the top of redwood trees, let the wind blow over us as we gazed out over the ocean, and drank in the sunshine.


Pictures highlights: alcatraz; murals; oranges; city lights; the view from the place we stayed at (through couchsurfing – it was amazing!); redwood forest; Japanese tea garden’s Buddha; the coast; a “painted lady” (fancy house).

The primary reason for our trip to California was to go to our MCC re-entry retreat. What a blessing this time was! To be with other people who were navigating the challenging waters of learning how to live in North America again. To tell stories and jokes and pain and laughter and tears – many many tears. It was a time to mourn for the things we had lost – while away and the things we didn’t realize we lost until we returned. But it was also a time for rejoicing in the richness and diversity that life is, and to be thankful. It is an honour to have worked with MCC in South Sudan – and to continue to work with MCC here in Saskatchewan!

Beautiful surroundings.

For more pictures from our time in California go here:>

Or click on the picture below:


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