Still frame / Still life – March

One year ago I was writing our last Still Frame / Still Life from Rumbek. ONE YEAR AGO!


Even more time-passingly strange, is that this is now the 4th year we’ve been keeping this blog going – through our Sudan preparations, Georgia adventures, Rumbek ups and downs, and through our re-entry into North American life.

In March 2010 we were settling into Sudan and learning learning learning. We posted pictures from our trip to Juba.

In March 2011 we were reflecting on our parish visits throughout the Catholic Diocese.

In March 2012 we were starting to say goodbye to our friends in South Sudan but still having a day-to-day routine.

On Saturday, March 2, 2013 I waved goodbye to our goats on my way to work. I was helping to facilitate a workshop in the correctional centre in Saskatoon.

March morning

In the afternoon I came home to Joel, the ladies, and cheese-making time.

Joel and the ladies

It’s amazing how different life can be from year to year. What will our life look like in another year’s time?


One comment on “Still frame / Still life – March

  1. Erin Kelly says:

    Thanks for sharing your blog!! It truly is amazing how much our lives can change in a year, especially when you live in the fast lane. :)

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