We’ve bought a yurt*


* When I say “bought a yurt”, I actually mean, we put a down payment on the yurt. But, regardless, the yurt is coming!

By the end of May/beginning of June (hopefully all the snow will be gone…) we will be assembling our new round home here on the farm. We have bought a traditional Mongolian yurt from Groovy Yurts which works directly with families in Mongolia who build the yurt.

We are planning a fun yurt-raising event for this time and you are all invited!

The most common question we get is: will you be living in the yurt year-round? Yes. Yes we will. And until then we have many, many things to figure out. We welcome any helpful advice or thoughts you might have.

(Pictures from Groovy Yurts website, demonstrating that yurts can be used in winter!)



2 comments on “We’ve bought a yurt*

  1. Janelle says:

    Which one did you get? Very excited for you guys and a bit jealous!

    • joel says:

      We got the 7-wall yurt. It works out to about 25′ in diameter & 533 sq. ft. of living space. You can join us if you want. Then you wouldn’t have to be jealous anymore.

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