still frame / still life – may 2013

The good news: you can see our garden! The other news: I was in meetings ALL DAY on Wednesday, May 1.

I love my job as Restorative Justice Coordinator for MCCS. It means I get to connect with all sort of interesting people. And I was happy that our meetings on May 1 were at the beautiful Catholic Cathedral (and you know, I feel a bit Catholic after our time working for Catholics in S.Sudan). I facilitated two meetings at the Cathedral – the Restorative Justice Ministries Saskatchewan networking group, and then the Provincial Moderating Committee on Chaplaincy. In the evening I went to a Circles of Support and Accountability training session.  I love my job, but I don’t love being inside all day when the weather is FINALLY habitable.


When I got home I was welcomed by my sweets, the new little chicks we had just picked up and all of our plants:

my sweets

The following day I worked from the farm and was able to nip out once in awhile to enjoy fresh air, chickens, goats, and a future garden.

Saskatchewan life 20134

We also spent some time pacing out our future yurt!!! We used the snow block as our corner stone.


  • Our one year anniversary in Canada
  • The yurt gets a water line
  • The grass turns green
  • We look for support in crowd-funding
  • I seriously consider growing chives as a cash crop

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