MAY 24, 2012

We have now been back in Canada for 1 month. And it has been great. Transitioning back to “normal” Canadian life is tumultuous though, and so we will leave up this support page for some time. Please read below about how you can support us during this time of “re-entry”.

MARCH 15, 2012

As we near the end of our time in South Sudan and plan to move back to Canada our support needs change.

We moved away from Canada in January 2007 and have since lived in the southern United States, South Korea, and South Sudan. Now we feel it is time to come home but we are not sure how the transition back “home” will be. MCC notes that reverse culture shock can be difficult and has some suggestions for friends to help the people re-enter North American life. We are asking you if you would consider helping us in some of the following ways:

  • Continue praying for & thinking about us – about left-behind and renewed friendships; adjustments to entering back into home culture, etc.
  • Encourage us as we transition back to N.AM life from MCC assignment
  • Be alert to signs of undue stress or change in behavior & encourage us to seek help if it’s needed
  • Ask us to share our experiences at church, family gatherings, schools, etc.
  • Help us with re-entry concerns and costs – hold a food shower, take us clothes shopping (we might need many layers of clothes to keep us warm), help with job leads (preferably in the Saskatoon/Hanley area), yurt building assistance, and we need affordable wheels (in bike and vehicle form).
Thank you for all you have done in the past years to support our work in South Sudan. It will not be forgotten.


NOVEMBER 6, 2010

Joel and I are entering our 10th month in Sudan. It has been a challenging and rewarding time. We have learned many new things – in fact, every day we learn something new.

We know that without supportive people our time in Sudan would be impossible. Thank you for your support and interest in our work here.

There are many ways that we know we are supported:

  • through encouraging emails, hand written letters, and small care packages we can continue working through difficult times.
  • through prayers we know are rejoicing with many people in enriching times.
  • through stimulating questions we know that we are not the only ones learning new things
  • through financial support we can replace faded clothes or go for a nice meal during vacation times.

You can now make donations to MCC online. Follow the instructions below to make a donation to our Personal Drawing Account or follow instructions on the website to make a donation to the MCC Sudan program.

Online Donations

  1. Go the MCC Personal Drawing Account Donation Page by clicking this link
  2. Enter an amount greater than $5.00 USD
  3. Check the box that says: I would like to make this donation in Memory, in Honour, or in Support.
  4. Select the circle: In Support of  (NOT SALT)
  5. For full name enter “Heather Peters PDA” or “Joel Kroeker PDA”
  6. Click continue
  7. Click complete your giving
  8. In the donation comment field enter Heather Peters PDA or Joel Kroeker PDA

Read on below for more support ideas and such.



– heather and joel


JANUARY 17, 2010

In one week we will be packing our bags, getting ready for the next move in our life – to southern Sudan. We are going to Sudan with the Mennonite Central Committee and will be working with Peace and Justice Programming for the Diocese of Rumbek. We know that we are going to learn countless things on this part of our journey. We also know that we will be faced with unbelievable challenges – and this is why we are asking you to support us.

What kind of support do we need?

1. Prayers – we believe in the power of prayer

2. Communication – comment on our blog, email us, ask us questions, send us a book, Kleenex, or spices in the mail

3. Money – a. Donate to MCC directly and this money will go where it is most needed. (tax deductible)

b. Donate to MCC Sudan and this money will go to help some of the work we are involved in. (tax deductible)

c. Donate to MCC Heather and Joel (our Personal Drawing Account, aka PDA) and this money will go to help us with some of our travels, personal purchases, and other special somethings. (not tax deductible)

** To donate financially send a cheque to: Mennonite Central Committee, P.O. Box 500, Akron, PA, 17501, USA

** Write on memo line: a – where most needed; b – Sudan; c – Heather Peters &/or Joel Kroeker PDA – MCC Sudan

How involved is this support?

We understand that people’s lives are full and that inboxes are stuffed. We want you to give as you are able. Some of our suggestions:

1. Read our blogs when you have time (if you are like us and forget to check in on people’s blogs feel free to subscribe to our blog. Let us know if you need a tutorial on how to do this).

2. Sign up for our seasonal newsletters – a PDF about 4 times a year.

3. Sign up for our monthly-ish emails – an email with prayer requests and other immediate happenings that are going on.

We want you to know that even though we are across an ocean or two we want to support you in your lives as well. Please let us know about the joys and concerns and daily stories that are happening where you are.

And thank you for all you have already done. We are truly blessed.

Read on (Oct 9th letter) for more of our hopes, challenges, and support ideas.


– heather and joel


OCTOBER 9, 2009

We have been invited to serve with MCC in southern Sudan. Joel has accepted the position of Coordinator of Justice and Peace Programs for the Diocese of Rumbek. We are hoping that Heather can get involved in this position as well as explore other service opportunities in the city of Rumbek. We will be leaving for Sudan in the last week of January, 2010 ~ God willing.

There are many reasons why we are excited about going to Sudan for the next three years:

  • we want to learn more about what peace can look like in a war-torn society
  • we want to learn how to live more simply
  • we want to learn about Sudanese people and culture and explore ways of building bridges
  • we want to see how God is working in the Sudanese church

But we know that we are facing many challenges as well:

  • we are concerned about the stability of the country
  • we are concerned about learning new languages
  • we are concerned about working within structures that are vastly different from those we feel comfortable with

We are so thankful for everything you have already done to support us on our journey. Praying for us, talking/emailing with us, and encouraging us while we were in Korea, transitioning back into North American life, and exploring possibilities for the future have been really important to us. We believe that it is this support that has helped us make many of our decisions and have brought us where we are.
Thank you Thank you.

As we prepare for Sudan we know that our journey might get a bit stressful. MCC encourages service workers to have a group of people they know who are sending and supporting them. If you feel like you have the time and energy to support us (there are suggestions listed below to give you an idea of what this “support” means) we would love it and it would be so meaningful for us.

We don’t want this to be a one-sided relationship though!

If you commit to support us we will also commit to support you – through your changes, celebrations, and struggles we want you to share with us how we can support you. We also want to share with you some of the things we will be learning.

So let us know what you think about this.


Before we leave, you could:

  • Help us make practical preparations for leaving Canada (keep us accountable about how much stuff we’re keeping in Canada!; financial arrangements; etc.)
  • Remember us and & think of us
  • Support us in this time of transition (even just a quick email or a phone call to tell us you’re thinking of us would be nice)
  • Contribute to our “Sudan Preparation Fund”; We do need to make a number of purchases before we leave – extra computer battery, clothes that are better for hot weather, solar shower, vitamins, a small short-wave radio, etc.(Let us know if you want to contribute financially and we will help you out with that).

While we’re in Sudan, you could:

  • Pray for/think of us regularly–for safety, health, new and old friendships, spiritual and emotional nurture, assignment realities; remind us to keep you up to date with specific prayer requests, concerns, joys, challenges, etc.
  • Keep in touch by airmail, email or perhaps even in person!
  • Remember birthdays and anniversaries (a card/letter/email goes a long way).
  • Send “care-packages” (preferably only in padded-envelopes because of charges on larger packages; so things like big books or clothing might not be practical, but some chocolate or smaller book/cd/treats would be better) or put some money in our MCC personal drawing account (PDA) so we can have a special treat!
  • Remind us that you are interested in hearing about our experiences while we’re on assignment; tell us when you want more information
  • Remind us to find local people with whom to relax, work, confide, worship and pray

When we get back home, you could:

  • Continue praying for & thinking about us–about renewed and left-behind friendships; adjustments to entering back into home culture, etc.
  • Encourage us as we transition back to N.Am. life from MCC assignment
  • Help us with re-entry concerns: food shower, clothing bargains, housing leads, job leads, etc.
  • Encourage us to share our experiences at church, family gatherings, schools, etc.
  • Be alert to signs of undue stress or change in behaviour–encourage us to seek help if you feel it’s needed



7 comments on “Support

  1. Val Hildebrand says:

    Hey you guys,
    I’ve just read a in your blog and I think it’s excellent. I was honored to take you to the airport this past weekend. Heather I really appreciated you asking me if I would like one of your prayer cards. That meant alot to just be asked.
    I would love for you to know that I will definately keep you in my prayers and bring you before the Lord daily. I eagerly look to hear about great and wonderful things the Lord will do for you and through you. I appreciate your realistic comments about your needs and being volunerable that way.
    I am just a new friend but I’m really happy to have met you and look forward to follow your lives.
    God bless and we will keep in touch.
    All for Him,
    Val :)

    • heather says:

      Thanks Val,
      We really appreciated getting to know you as well. And thanks for the ride to the airport. I hope we can keep in touch in the coming years.

  2. Eileen Klassen Hamm says:

    Hey Heather and Joel, thanks for this excellent invitation to join your Sudan journey. Count me in as an interested supporter! – Eileen

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