Hey! It’s summer and that means lots of time spent outside enjoying sunshine and growing plants and animals. But today it is Sunday and it is cool and rainy. So, let’s recap over a few blog entries.

At the end of June I had the opportunity to go to Washington for Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR). This is a training offered through Eastern Mennonite University but held (this time) at the United States Institute for Peace. I went a few days early so I could stuff my face with museums and monuments with about a million other tourists.


Since I was travelling by myself I had to take pictures of other people in front of some of the monuments.

Washington 2013

The United States Institute for Peace is an impressive building with lots of security people, which did seem a bit strange.

Institute for peace

The STAR training was an amazing experience with a variety of participants (although i was the only Canadian!). It was equally professional development and an amazing time of self-analysis in how trauma has shaped me, especially over the past few years. And, I would recommend this training to everyone, if you have the chance!