Still Saskatchewan 2013 – photos added

This summer we have hosted many friends at the home quarter. Goats were fed, chickens were caught, garden peas were eaten, yurt tours were given. It has been great! We also traveled to Manitoba and Ontario for visits, music, and a wedding.

Want to see some pictures? Click on this extremely long link:

Or click on this summer time picture:

Sweet sweet Saskatchewan strawberries



Still Saskatchewan 2013 – an album

Our first winter back in Canada was long and, a bit, rough. But now, in June, we rejoice in the sun and our ever growing small farm (a farmette?). Yesterday we received a box of chicks in the mail and later in the evening picked up a hive of bees from a neighbour community. Today it rained. So I organized some pictures and now I share them here. Click on the image below to see what has been happening on The Home Quarter for the last 6 months and how we survived winter.

Joel and the parrot-chicken